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Fencing is a complete sport that combines physic and mental skills. In fact many champions reach their best results around their thirties, whereas athletes in other sports reach their pensionable age.

In the physical area you will work on strength, speed, flexibility, coordination, power and balance.

On the mental area you will work the abilities to get focussed, problem solving, tactical analysis, creativity and respect.

Fencing is a safe environment. Sport values include respect for colleagues and yourself, for the rules and the referee, even for the equipment. Fencing is a combat sport, but contact is forbidden. Stringent equipment regulations make it one of the safest sports. All these values and abilities can be practiced in a formal and ludic environment where each participant tries to touch the opponent without being touched.

Within this frame the fencing section in the JRC clubhouse in Ispra offers a space where to make your first steps in fencing or where to rehearsal your fencing abilities, if you are already experienced. As a summary we provide:

·       Professional guidance: Maestro Antonio Pagano from the fencing school Scherma Varese will provide technical direction to fencing lessons.

·       We will have 2 fully equipped marked pistes: Experienced fencers may practice their skills either in foil, sword or sable.

·       Fencing groups will be limited and coherent with the experience and age of fencers.

Give it a try! You only need your regular sports clothing for the trials.

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 Krav Maga

What is Krava Maga: is a self-defense and combat system based on a set of logical and effective principles that lead human beings to express the most of their potential for survival in a violent confrontation.

Who can join: all adults (men/women) are more than welcome!

Learning method: the methodology, knowledge and experience of the largest and well respected Krav Maga organization globally, the International Krav Maga Federation.

Why: to learn practical self-defence, improve your physical condition, awareness and confidence.

But most of all come to enjoy!!

2017/18 Sessions: On Tuesdays (or Thursdays), contact first:

·         Beginners / non regulars: 12.30-13:15

·         Regulars: 13:15 – 14:15

Place: Tennis Campo 7 next to clubhouse

For trial sessions a pair of running shoes and sport clothes is fine!

For regulars the protective equipment advised during the  training sessions should not be forgotten.


Nikolaos Kasmas

Civil Instructor

G2 Level


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