Olympic sport since 1896

Introduction to the activity

Fencing is a complete sport that combines physic and mental skills. In fact many champions reach their best results around their thirties, whereas athletes in other sports reach their pensionable age.

In the physical area you will work on strength, speed, flexibility, coordination, power and balance.

On the mental area you will work the abilities to get focussed, problem solving, tactical analysis, creativity and respect

Fencing is a safe environment. Sport values include respect for colleagues and yourself, for the rules and the referee, even for the equipment. Fencing is a combat sport, but contact is forbidden. Stringent equipment regulations make it one of the safest sports. All these values and abilities can be practiced in a formal and ludic environment where each participant tries to touch the opponent without being touched.

The activity in Budokai

The fencing section in the JRC clubhouse in offers a space where to make your first steps in fencing or where to rehearsal your fencing abilities, if you are already experienced. 

Give it a try! You only need your regular sports clothing.

Covid measures – equipment

Sharing personal equipment during lessons is no longer allowed.

– Newcomers may borrow equipment from the club to see if they enjoy both the sport and the activity. (Limited availability.)

– Regular practitioners should have their own personal equipment.

A wider set of suppliers is available nowadays (from Decathlon to the most specialised ones). We will provide guidance to acquire the equipment.

Scherma Kids

    Wednesdays 17.00 – 18.30
    EU school and JRC calendar, mostly. See details below.
    Clubhouse: New sports hall
For whom:
    Kids  (10y to 14y, indicative)
   Eduard Latre – scherma@budokai.it
Professor and Instructor:
  Antonio Pagano    
Nicola Guarnaccia
    Regular sport clothes.
    Indoor sport shoes to be put on entering the sports hall
    Fencing equipment available for newcomers (limited).
In 2019-20 we introduced the practice of sable. There are greater opportunities to practice sable in the area and kids enjoy it more. Until 2018-19 we used to practice sword.
Quota activity


   Alternate wednesdays 18.30 – 19.45 (see calendar)
   EU school and JRC calendar, mostly.
   Clubhose: New sports hall
For whom:
   Adults and teens
   Eduard Latre – scherma@budokai.it
Professor and Instructor:
   Antonio Pagano
Nicola Guarnaccia
     Regular sport clothes.
Indoor sport shoes to be put on entering the sports hall.
Fencing equipment available for newcomers (limited).
– Adult sessions will be adapted to preferences of fencers. Through times fencers from different backgrounds joined the club to practice their preferred modality: foil, sable or sword.
– Newcomer adults practice sword.
Quota activity

Experienced members may use the fencing pistes to exercise their skills, subject to availability.


Eduard Latre

Scherma section

For more information contact scherma@budokai.it
Informazione per adesione al Budokai Ispra: Club
Documenti per iscrizione: Club > Documents


Antonio Pagano

Technical direction

Graduated from Accademia Nazionale di Scherma di Napoli, became a Maestro at a very young age. Retired from competition while being the Italian champion.
Head Master since 1988, he now leads the school Scherma Varese.  

Nicola Guarnaccia


Disciple of Antonio Pagano since the age of 7. Member of the Italian National Team Under-20. Silver medal in the Satellite World Cup of Amsterdam 2017.
Referee for all three weapons since 2016. 


The activity mainly follows the JRC and the European School calendar.

Calendar to be confirmed

Scherma courses start on 29.Sep. The present schedule and conditions are only confirmed until the end of October. Then all scherma participants will confirm if they wish to continue with the planned schedule and on which terms.

No course fees need to be paid up to this moment. Club registration and fee (30€) is compulsory to be insured and to take part in the lessons.

Italian, JRC and FIS Covid measures apply

For sanification, lessons finish 15min in advance.

No visitors or parents are allowed inside the hall. Nor in the sports court neither in the visitors stand.

Participants should preferebly arrive dressed from home. Indoor sport shoes should only be worn when entering the hall.

No equipment should be left in the changing room. You should be able to keep your belongings (includng shoes) in your bag(s).

FIS guidelines: https://www.federscherma.it/covid19-ripartiamo.html


Thanks for being on time

Fencing snippets

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