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Activity, time schedule, teachers
Taichi, Qigong and Yoga section regularly starts the new year from 12 September 2022 with the online and face-to-face courses in compliance with the containment measures for the Covid-19 epidemiological emergency.

The activities will take place until 30 June 2023

You can only participate in the Taichi, Qigong and Yoga courses if you are a Budokai member.

Qi-Gong is the set of practices aimed at developing the inner energy of man especially through the control of breathing. The origin of Qi-Gong is lost in the prehistory of China, it is a shamanic legacy that was subsequently accepted, elaborated and perfected by Taoism and the schools inspired by it or linked to it.
Qi-Gong is based on gymnastic, meditative and breathing exercises that the student learns gradually. The aim is the acquisition of longevity, immunity from disease, physical and mental strength and the ability to direct vital energy outward for therapeutic and combat purposes. For these reasons, Qi-Gong is related to all other fields of Traditional Chinese Medicine and martial arts. Specifically, the martial arts that prefer a student's concentration to the cultivation of internal energy are Tai Chi Chuan, Hsing I and Pa Kua.

Trimestre Fee 30€, Annual Fee 60€

QI-GONG (Istr: Ana PAYA PEREZ) TUESDAY and THURSDAY 07h45- 08h45

Tai-chi is characterized by stylized movements performed with fluidity and slowness. The physical and mental benefits deriving from the practice of Tai Chi are due to a better and more intense circulation of Vital Energy (Chi) within the body. it is also an excellent gymnastics as each movement is aimed at balance, muscular and nervous relaxation, deep breathing, stimulation of all the vital functions of the body.

Monthly Fee 45€, Trimestre Fee 115€, Annual Fee 230€
Qigong – Therapeutic Chinese Gym
(Istr: Ana Payá Pérez)
TUESDAY and THURSDAY: 7:45-8:45

(Istr: Gilberto Brini)
WEDNESDAY 12:15–13:30
STAGE TAICHI ON SATURDAYS (to be announced) 
(Istr: Marco Gamuzza)
SATURDAY: 15:00 - 18:00

TAI-CHI/Kung-Fu STAGE on SATURDAYS at the JRC Club House with Master Marco Gamuzza   

it is aimed at everyone, adults and children, without distinction of race, of gender and age, except that for children it is appropriate to propose the practice in a way that suits them. For this reason, one is recommended at the Budokai age from 15/16 years upwards.

The weekly or (biweekly for the lucky ones) practice that we manage to indulge ourselves at Budokai is essentially linked to âsana and prânâyâma, it teaches us to know ourselves, starting by recognising our limits and respecting them, and gives us some tools to begin to calm down, at least momentarily, the mind. It represents an opportunity to plant a seed that must then be cultivated with perseverance, discipline and unwavering curiosity, by each of us personally.

Monthly Fee 40€, Trimestre Fee 90€, Annual Fee 200€


Starting 19 September 2022
Yoga – Asana

(Istr: Roberta de Rosa)
Room Fior di Loto
MONDAY 12:15-13:45
THURSDAY 19:00-21:00

Starting 13 September 2022
Yoga – Asana
(Istr: Angela Stlianakis)
Room Fior di Loto 
TUESDAY 17:15–18:15
Starting 12 September 2022
Yoga – Ashtanga

(Istr: Monica Savioni)
Room Glicine

Yoga – Power
(Istr: Monica Savioni)
Yoga – Asana ON LINE
(Istr: Angela Stlianakis)
FRIDAY: 07:30–08:30

Taichi/KungFu Master Marco Gamuzza