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Fencing - Scherma
Olympic sport since 1896
Introduction to the sport

Fencing is a complete sport that combines physic and mental skills. In fact many champions reach their best results around their thirties, whereas athletes in other sports reach their pensionable age.

On the physical area you will work on strength, speed, flexibility, coordination, power and balance.

On the mental area you will work the abilities to get focussed, problem solving, tactical analysis, creativity and respect.

Fencing is a safe environment. Sport values include respect for colleagues and yourself, for the rules and the referee, even for the equipment. Fencing is a combat sport, but contact is forbidden. Stringent equipment regulations make it one of the safest sports. All these values and abilities can be practised in a formal and ludic environment where each participant tries to touch the opponent without being touched.

The activity in Budokai

The fencing section in the JRC clubhouse in offers a space where to make your first steps in fencing or where to rehearsal your fencing abilities, if you are already experienced.

Courses and Calendar
Fencing groups will be limited and coherent with the experience and age of the fencers. At this moment we organise two courses:
  • Young (>9y and teenagers): Will practice sable (sciabola).
  • Adults (adults and teenagers with adequate experience): Will practice sword (spada).
The courses take place once per week and mainly follow the JRC and European School calendars.
Courses take place on Wednesday afternoon. Kids start at 17:30, Adults at 18:45.
The calendar is enclosed below.

Foil (fioretto) enthusiasts: Show up and we will organise a new group :-). The writer of this lines loves foil too.

The activity is organised by club members and adapted to club members needs and interests. It is implemented with the help of qualified instructors. For more information, please, contact us at scherma@budokai.it

The lessons are provided by Nicola Guarnaccia, pupil of the maestro and champion Antonio Pagano. Nicola himself has numerous professional and athletic qualifications and, most important of all, he enjoys transmitting his passion in sport and fencing in particular.
  • Laurea di primo livello in scienze dell’attività fisica e motoria
  • Diploma preparatore atletico CSEN-CONI
  • Tecnico di primo nivello della FIS
  • Arbitro nazionale alle 3 armi

  • Varie presenze coppa del mondo under 20
  • 2 coppa del mondo satellite assoluti amsterdam
  • 3 classificati a squadre campionato italiano a squadre A2
  • Arbitro maratona Parigi 2020
  • Arbitro campionati italiani assoluti Cassino 2021

Each fencer is expected to use its own equipment. Yet, we have a minimum set of equipment that can be used by athletes who are starting to practice fencing.

The club equipment used to be shared among new athletes during each session. The pandemic situation, and in due respect to regulations, the possibility of sharing equipment may no longer be possible. Details will be provided as the situation evolves.

The lessons take place in the JRC clubhouse at the multi-sports hall. Please, have a look, here, at the rules to use the sport-hall.

Access to the premisses and to the course is only possible to course registered members. Since the sports season 2021-22 the registration is fully on-line.

Please, allow for time to process and evaluate your requests to the volunteers organising the courses. New requests should be submitted, the latest, the Thursday before the 1st lesson that you intend to attend.

Give it a try!