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Inaugurazione nuova sport hall
Next opening of the new Sports hall

Budokai activities using campo 7 are getting ready to move to the new sports hall!! Congratulations to: Scherma, Krav Maga and Aikido.

The specific start date will be confirmed by e-mail to each participant. Yet, it could be as early as next week February the 10th. A formal inaguration it is foreseen later in spring.

New usage rules will apply so that we can all enjoy this facility for a long time:

  • Non-marking indoor sports shoes will be compulsory. It is strictly forbidden to practice the activity without them.
  • Clean soles. Shoes should be changed within the sports hall. You should not enter the sports hall if your footwear has dirt from the outside.
  • Access controls and timing. The first floor is only available for public events. Athletes should access the hall through the ground floor. The access will be divided in two zones.
    • The entry area will be open to any person authorised to visit the club house. It will protect you form the weather and it has two public toilets.
    • The sports area can only be opened by the responsible of the activity. Therefore, late arrivals will disrupt the activity. It provides access to the changing rooms, sports hall and equipment.

These basic rules will let us enjoy a state of the art sports hall with ground heating, integrated changing rooms and storage room, 5 fencing pistes, of which 1 piste will be pre-installed with a FullArm07 scoreboard and the second one with a FullArm01.

All in all, an environment where to safely and comfortably learn and practice sports with plenty of FUN